New MD for InterBeaujolais

French regional body InterBeaujolais has named Cécile Bossan-Redon as its new managing director with immediate effect.

She studied business law in Lyon and after studying Wine Management with the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin has worked for nine years in the industry with the likes of Picard Vins et Spiriteux and Boisset.

Bosan-Rédon said: “I am thrilled to be starting my new role with Inter Beaujolais this month. Having grown up in the region, I am passionate about the wines and demonstrating to a global market everything Beaujolais has to offer.”

InterBeaujolais president, Dominique Piron, added: “We are delighted that Cécile will be joining the Inter Beaujolais team. Her understanding of both the business side of the industry and the winemaking side made her a perfect fit for the position and we look forward to seeing her bringing new ideas and experience to the role.”

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