The Vinexposium


Comprising an executive committee and a board of directors firmly anchored in the wine and spirits industry,
Vinexposium’s governance applies a unique way of interacting with it. This is based on a keen and constant ability
to listen and on a solid entrepreneurial culture to break new ground in the market place,
forge ahead whether the environment is positive or not and be inclusive.

All year round, the board of directors engages with our CEO Rodolphe Lameyse and
helps define a growth strategy for the group and for the wine and spirits industry around the world.


We are a passionate team with people at its core and are based in Paris, Bordeaux and Madrid.
We organise and coordinate all of Vinexposium’s activities and partners..


Vinexposium recruits regularly across a range of positions.
Discover how we work and how you can join us!