The 2024 Nominees

Best New Business Solution


Wine in Block

Wine In Block presents an NFT system aimed at combatting forgeries and providing security for the global wine market, from production to consumption, through a set of innovative resources that can track wines and guarantee optimal storage and transport conditions.



Winespace presents Tastee, a solution powered by artificial intelligence which provides support for buyers by summarising existing tasting notes to define the ‘average taste’ of a wine and extract a selection of listings based on the desired organoleptic profile.



Spuro presents Grape-NFT, a platform that aims to revolutionise the wine industry by turning bottles into tokens and offering a secure and transparent way of buying and selling rare wines. It uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity and history of the bottles.



ecoSPIRITS presents an innovative, eco-friendly solution designed for wine and spirits merchants to sell premium spirits in bulk.

Best Brand Experience


Creation Wines

Creation Wines presents a unique sensor y experience for wine tasting revolving around the vineyards of South Africa, designed as a collaboration between winegrowers, chefs, scientists and health professionals.


Second Winery

Second Winery presents new technology powered by artificial intelligence that allows wineries to provide their potential customers with a totally immersive experience of their farm: virtual visit, insight into production methods and remote tastings.

Best Heritage Initiative



Vignadores del Carignan presents VIGNO, a collaborative endorsement project introduced in the Maule region to safeguard and promote the area’s ancient tradition of winegrowing, whose future is jeopardised. The defining features of the collective’s wines are that they involve restoration of the region’s old vines, growing Carignan and are produced using distinctive winemaking techniques.


Bernard Magrez Start-up Win

Maison Bernard Magrez presents Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win, two wine-focused incubators encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in the wine industry.


PORVID - Associação Portuguesa para a Diversidade da Videira

PORVID – Associação Portuguesa para a Diversidade da Videira presents a project that fights for the protection of ancient Portuguese vine varieties. The project has already preserved over 218 ancient vine varieties.


The Old Vine Registry

The Old Vine Conference presents The Old Vine Registry, a project spearheaded by Jancis Robinson and Tamlyn Currin to preserve ancient viticultural heritage. The global database, which is public and participatory, has already listed over 1,800 old vineyards.

Best Eco-Friendly Launch


When in Rome

When in Rome presents its new sparkling Italian wine ‘Sekko’, sold in 187ml aluminium cans which considerably lower carbon footprint in comparison with glass packaging.


Bodegas Peñascal

Bodegas Peñascal presents its new wine in cans, offering three variations of alcohol content – classic, low alcohol and no alcohol – in response to new consumer demand with a focus on sustainability and a reduction in alcohol consumption.


Le Philtre

Le Philtre presents its eco-friendly French vodka, distilled in the Cognac region. The vodka is produced using environmentally-friendly techniques and recycled materials.


Mallard Point

Mallard Point presents a reusable aluminium bottle coupled with a system of return to the manufacturer which aims to shift the paradigm from recycling to reusing containers within the wine and spirits industry.

Best Joint Initiative



Avipe presents REDWine, an innovative project that reduces CO2 emissions in the wine industry through carbon dioxide stemming from the production of microalgae biomass.


InterLoire Climate toolkit

InterLoire presents its Climate toolkit, designed to help winegrowers and industry members across the region cope with climate change. The toolkit includes soil mapping, water balance information, an agro-climate atlas and real-time weather data


Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program

WWF Portugal and Wines of Alentejo present ‘Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program’, a programme that aims to support improvements in vineyard management.



La Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine presents vitiREV, a collective of professionals from the New Aquitaine wine industry who are pooling their efforts to rise to the challenge of climate change and environmental transition whilst marketing products that continue to appeal to consumers.