Precision-targeted business meetings to respond to increased demand for organic wines in high-growth markets

The principle of the WOW! meetings, which take place for the first time in Paris from 12 to 13 February 2022 ahead of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, is to adapt the concept of one-on-one business meetings to the world of organic and biodynamic wines.

In under a decade, organic wines have gone mainstream. With a compound annual growth rate of 9.2% since 2017, global consumption is poised to reach 87.5 million cases a year by 2022*. European countries are in the forefront of demand, spearheaded by Germany, with third countries such as Japan and the United States playing a healthy support role.

The category’s exponential growth entails specific requirements and the need to bring together the world’s leading importers, international distributors, wine merchants and restaurateurs – all of them with clearly identified buying programmes – and producers of organic and biodynamic wine, but also beer and cider, seeking to expand their sales and diversify their markets.

Precision-targeted, pre-arranged networking between producers and buyers in a sensitively curated setting offers the guarantee of effective business meetings and secures a return on investment.

The WOW! meetings capitalise on 35 years of experience for the World Wine Meetings and the successful WOW! area created by Vinexpo in 2017. They have been designed specifically to provide support for the category’s incremental progress and to fuel the recovery of sales in an exclusive, reassuring venue.

*Source : The IWSR


The worldwide boom of organic wines and spirits is undeniable:
its market share keeps growing in all categories of wines and spirits.

400 000

Organic vineyard has more than 400,000 hectares around the world in 2017


The number of organic vineyards increased by 250% in the world in 10 years (+15 % in 2018)


Europe accounts for 85% of the world’s organic vineyard


According to IWSR, worldwide consumption of organic wines will post strong growth of + 9.2% / year until 2022


ranks first in the consumption of organic wine


Spain, Italy and France are the three biggest producers of organic wine