La Nouvelle Vague, the springboard for young producers

A platform reserved for young producers that have been in business
for less than 5 years. The aim is to launch their sales.

La Nouvelle Vague exhibitors are given an individual counter so that they can present their début wines in ideal conditions to an audience of qualified distributors.

The aim of La Nouvelle Vague is to give young producers and entrepreneurs just starting out on their journey a decisive boost at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, and allow them to build up their distribution network in France and internationally.


Selection criteria

Eligibility: under 5 years in business.

For wine and spirits producers: presentation of no more than the 3rd vintage of an estate established, bought or taken over. Can only take part twice.

For brand creators: production of less than 50,000 bottles. Certificate of incorporation or mandatory documentary proof. Can only take part once.