Bouncing back

For the wine and spirits industry, everything changed, as the pandemic sent shock waves around the world. International trade & travel stunted, consumer behavior shift, supply chains were disturbed, and the 2021 year started with many regions enduring the third wave of infections while others set the stage for an industry on the road to recovery. A turbulent and challenging period has left us all looking for silver linings in business knowing well that we will need to make the most of them bounce back in the year ahead.

Every Tuesday in June, together we will navigate wine and spirits’ rocky road to recovery! Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2021 goes digital offers you unmissable industry live sessions focused on four key themes, including the digital revolution and sustainability. Led by renowned and international experts aimed at supporting and fuelling the wine and spirits industry’s ability to bounce back. Every week our experts will provide you with the keys to unlocking their secrets.

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Every Tuesday in June

For a month, we cover four silvers lines & themes, aimed at informing and supporting
industry members across-the-board.


Join us every Tuesday in June when we cover four silvers lines & themes, aimed at informing and supporting industry members across-the-board.

How to deal with sensorial compromises as an industry professional who has lost its senses due to COVID?

Being able to fully experience a wine is a game-changing experience for wine professionals. Also, how to manage the pivot to long-distance or virtual tastings? With work travels in the doldrums for some time to come, producers need to unlock new ways to make discover their products and tailor the standards of professional tasting.

La dégustation virtuelle, astuces pour stimuler les sens à distance.

Comment se réapproprier nos sens dans un monde Covidé? (à confirmer)

The pandemic is accelerating trends that were in motion prior to the crisis, as selling shifts to digital. Leaders in the wine industry anticipate to increasingly focus on ensuring that digital channels such as online sales add measurable value to the bottom line, given tight budgets and the need for productivity and efficiency.

Vivino: fast-tracking a digital upgrade after covid-19

The Wine Tech: learning to sell online

The IWSR expects tough trading conditions to persist next year, in some geographies at least, but 2021 will bring continuing opportunities in both the value and wine & spirits segments, where the former benefits from consumers changing their behaviour in uncertain times, and the latter benefits from a strong recovery in markets like China.

Road to Recovery: Trends and outlook to 2025 for the

The Covid crisis has urged consumers to question their consumption choices, making them more engaged with sustainability issues, companies must uphold the highest ethical business practices and overhaul business models that are exploitative of the planet. What are the keys unlocking the door to a more sustainable future for the wine & spirits industry?

Est-ce que la tech peut aider à produire et consommer plus responsable

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