Destination New Delhi,
the gateway
to the market

The capital city and its sphere of influence across northern india is a key destination for promoting brands and developing their distribution network.


A new city established at the turn of the 20th century, New Delhi has been the administrative capital of India since 1931. Over the past few decades, the service industry in particular has grown in this city with its population of 250,000 within the Delhi region (16.3 million inhabitants), primarily due to the increased presence of many multinational companies.

New Delhi’s most dynamic economic sectors are information technology and telecommunications, hospitality, banking, the media and tourism. Millions of travellers are welcomed every year to discover the magnificent monuments and historic sites.

New Delhi is a key gateway into the country for members of the wine and spirits industry looking to move into the Indian market. Asia’s fastest growing city itself represents a market of around 366 million consumers.

New Delhi is also the start point for growing your business in the northern States of India, with other metropolises such as Jaipur and Lucknow offering very high potential for development.