Why visit Vinexpo India Mumbai?

Vinexpo Mumbai gathers hundreds of exhibitors from 40 countries looking to meet their distribution partner. You can also benefit from the event’s unique educational programme through Vinexpo Academy.

Wine and spirits producers travel to Mumbai in person to meet distribution partners who will help them grow in India’s ‘financial and commercial capital’ and across its sphere of influence.

Vinexpo draws on over 20 years’ experience as a leading wine and spirits exhibition organiser to connect industry members efficiently through easy-to-follow itineraries, meetings and quality conversations so that bridges can be built and sustained.

At Vinexpo India Mumbai, you also get to benefit from:

• One of the world’s most prestigious educational programmes – Vinexpo Academy – with wine and spirits masterclasses curated by leading international experts,

• Proximity with members of the food industry attending the leading exhibition SIAL India in Mumbai at the same time.

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