1. Vinexposium

    2021-2022: An eventful season ahead for Vinexposium

    14 September 2021 – Vinexposium is boosting the recovery of the wine and spirits trade in the global arena by hosting seven in-person events over the next nine months. Economic activity is promising to resume and Vinexposium (…)

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  2. Interviews, Rendez-vous avec Gabrielle Vizzavona

    What is the new normal for digital wine and spirits marketing?

    By Gabrielle Vizzavona Interview with Arnaud Daphy, partner at SOWINE, an agency specialising in digital marketing for wines and spirits. Gabrielle Vizzavona: What major change did the pandemic bring about in the use of digital technologies by (…)

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  3. Interviews, Rendez-vous avec Gabrielle Vizzavona

    Interview with David Moroz, economics researcher specialising in the whisky market

    By Gabrielle Vizzavona “Whisky, like wine, has become a collector’s item, even an investment asset, with auction records that far exceed prices in the wine market”. Gabrielle Vizzavona: Can you briefly present your background, your current position (…)

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  4. Interviews, Rendez-vous avec Gabrielle Vizzavona

    Interview with Johan Larsson, wine buyer for the swedish monopoly systembolaget

    By Gabrielle Vizzavona “Greta Thunberg and her generation have completely different expectations about the environmental and social impact of wine production. The industry must understand that and tap into it if it wants to recruit new consumers”. (…)

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  5. Interviews, Rendez-vous avec Gabrielle Vizzavona

    An interview with senator Catherine Dumas

    By Gabrielle Vizzavona “French diplomats are doing their utmost to get the new American president to end taxes introduced by Donald Trump” . Senator and Paris councillor Catherine Dumas is recognised for her work in the fields (…)

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  6. Rendez-vous avec Gabrielle Vizzavona

    Interview with Benjamin Sonet, co-founder of My Balthazar, the digital consultancy specialising in wine

    By Gabrielle Vizzavona “If you don’t speak about your winery on social media, you run the risk of tarnishing your image“ « My Balthazar gives you the tools for enhancing the effectiveness of your internet communications”. The young (…)

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  7. Rendez-vous avec Gabrielle Vizzavona

    Start-up Interview – Kol, the app aiming to become the market leader in pre-dinner drinks

    By Gabrielle Vizzavona The start-up Kol was founded in 2016 by two former financiers, Baptiste Guez and Pierre Nicolet. In August 2019, the Coca-Cola group took a 25% stake in the business. Through its app, Kol provides (…)

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  8. Interviews, Vinexposium

    Interview: Jürgen Schlanke

    Germany: “Increasing amounts of wines that we sell are going to be organic” Like other northern European markets, Germany is renowned for its environmental credentials. But do they translate into actual commitments by wine buyers? Weinmarkt Mattheis (…)

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  9. Interviews, Vinexposium

    Interview : Febvre Wines Ireland

    “The category is important and will become more important in the future” Founded in 1963, Febvre Wines is one of the longest-established and larger wine importers in Ireland. Traditionally strong in the on-trade, it has transitioned towards (…)

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