Ben Lomond Gin release

The Loch Lomond Group drew inspiration from Loch Lomond National Park, and more specifically Mount Ben Lomond, to create a Scottish gin.

Ben Lomond Gin is a London Dry style that uses hand-harvested blackcurrants and local and forage mountain ash berries (also known as rowan berries) to “create a soft sweetness”.

The rowan tree is native to the United Kingdom and is generally found in the Scottish Highlands. Folklore says it offers protection against enchantment. The ancient Scots considered the tree sacred and prohibited the cutting of any part of it, except for religious ceremonies.

It was also known as the “traveller’s tree”, said to prevent people from getting lost.

The Loch Lomond Group has agreed to work with the John Muir Trust conservation charity to help protect the campaign that inspired Ben Lomond gin.

Ben Lomond gin has been bottled at 43% vol. and has a price of £33 (US$42) per bottle.

Colin Matthews, CEO of the Loch Lomond Group, said: “From a commercial point of view, Ben Lomond premium gin is a logical extension of our award-winning spirits portfolio.”

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